Basics of Auto Carpet Cleaning

Basics Of Auto Carpet Cleaning Franklin TNIt is not enough to just clean the exterior of the car and the car upholstery; you should also ensure that you thoroughly clean the carpeting in your car. This article will aim to guide you through simple methods of ensuring that the carpet in your car is properly cleaned.

  1. The hidden carpet areas

When you neglect cleaning your car’s carpet for a long time, dirt and stains accumulate on it and thus cause a number of issues. Some of the stains are easy to remove while some will prove a little more difficult to get rid of. It can be quiet awkward to clean your auto’s carpet because the place is a little cramped.The following car upholstery cleaning solutions will help you deal with this problem.

  • Mix equal parts vinegar, fruity dish washing soap, and club soda. Spray the solution on the stained areas and let it soak in for at least 10 minutes and then scrub the part clean. Wipe the solution away with a white cloth and dry with a steam vacuum. This works best on grease, milk and coffee stains.
  • Mix two parts hydrogen peroxide and one part liquid dish soap and spray generously on the affected areas. Wipe away the solution with a white rug and finally steam vacuum. This solution is effective in dealing with fruit juice stains example blackcurrant.

Shampoo or steam clean?Steam cleaning is very efficient in cleaning the carpet and keeping it clean but can cause a lot of damage over time. So my advice is that you should stick to shampooing the car carpet rather than steam cleaning to ensure you maintain the good condition of the carpet. Carpet shampooing or steaming should come after thoroughly vacuuming the carpet of your car.Heat extractionWhen you mix carpet shampoo with warm water and infuse it into the carpet fiber, you help to soften the dirt and eliminate the odors in the carpet. Use your vacuum to get rid of the water and the dirt all at once. This is a significantly superior carpet treatment that gives you amazing results.Remove stubborn pet hairsThe pet hairs have a very bad habit of getting stuck in your upholstering and carpet. The method you use to remove the hairs will depend on how deeply embedded they are. You can use an air compressor to blast out pet hairs and further loosen the hairs using nitrile gloves. You can suck out the hairs using a vacuum cleaner. When the gloves get saturated with hair, you should dip them in a bucket of water and then brush them against the fabric again. Use a pet brush for the hard to reach areas and a pumice stone for those stubborn hairs. Just make sure you look out for the plastic surfaces when using a pumice stone.If you follow the tips above you will get you amazing results and you will be sure to thank us.