4 Tips for picking an Area Rug

Area rugs can be used in place of a wall to wall carpet. Wall to wall carpets are losing popularity and slowly being replaced by area rugs especially in living rooms of most households. Area rugs have a good appearance and have proven to be more practical than wall to wall carpets.Because you will be buying a home decoration or item which in most cases is the centerpiece of the space where it is laid, it is good to have enough knowledge and information on how to go about picking the right area carpet for whatever space you want.Below are some of the points to note when one is interested in adopting area rugs.Area rug sizeIt is a common mistake of many to make use of stamp size area rugs, which are usually too small, for decorative living rooms. The standard sizes of rugs that are readily available are the 6’ by 9’, 8’ by 10’ and 9’ by 12’. If the sizes are not suitable for the space, one would opt to custom make their own. The price of a custom made rug is not necessarily more than the cost of the carpet readily made in stores. Regardless of the carpet chosen, there should be roughly 4’ to 8’ space that is bare floor on all sides of the rug.Color and patternThe color and pattern should be well thought when one intends to purchase a rug. A patterned rug is a wonderful way of infusing interest and color in a room that is mostly furnished, or has walls in neutral tones. A neutral solid color for the rug on the other hand, can calm a room that is proving to be too eclectic. It is however, a point to note that a patterned rug will hide stains and spills well as compared to a solid one could. When one has a colorful room but has decided to still have a colorful rug, it should be one that brings the room together. It is important that the colors in the room are in agreement or else the room will get a cluttered appearance. The rug has an important role in the outlook of the room therefore the rug chosen should not be one can easily tire of.TextureConsider the feel of the rug before purchase. Warmth and softness is a feature of wool rugs while natural materials such as sisal may prove quite rough. Silk is found to be soft and beautiful though it may prove to be expensive and hard to clean.Using more than one rugThe layering of rugs has proven to be a great way of defining a particular space and adding interest to the said space. It tends to provide color and better patterns and is well suited for seasonal decorations. During cold weather, it helps provide warmth but in warm times, it is easily removed to prevent excess warmth.In conclusion, one should seek professional assistance for area rug restoration services.

Tips For Picking an Area Rug Carpet Cleaner Franklin TN