5 Common Rug Repairs

Fur Carpet Cleaning Franklin TNRugs are beautiful and they add a lot of color and warmth to a room. It is understandable to want the rug you have to remain undamaged forever but this isn’t possible. There are so many elements that the rugs get exposed to that cause it to get damaged. These include people walking on them; moths eat into the fibers and furniture make dents on them.Regular cleaning and maintenance are good for keeping your rug looking clean and fresh but sometimes there is need to get professional repair and restoration for your rug. This will help prevent any more damage to the rug and preserve its beauty and worth for a few more years. The following are common areas for rug repair.Repairing the sides of the rugWhen talking about the sides of the rug we are talking about the two sides which don’t have a fringe. During making, rugs are woven from side-to-side across wrap strings and consequently meet at the end. Once the weaving is completed, the weaver will tie this endpoint this preventing the rug from unraveling and maintaining its shape.Once the end starts loosening due to the passing of time and exposure one has to swiftly repair it. The professional will cover the damaged side with wool depending on the color of the rug.Repairing the “ends”When talking about the ends of the rug, we are referring to the sides which have a fringe running along the width of the rug. It is important to repair it when damaged as the fringe maintains the integrity of the rug.Repairing a holeThere are two steps in the repair of a hole in your carpet:

  • First, you have to rebuild the foundation of your rug. You should clean the rug thoroughly and then repair the foundation fiber and extend it to enable weaving.
  • The second step is to sew wool threads to cover the hole on the rug. Ensure you follow the exact pattern of the original rug as well as maintaining the same density of the foundation. After sewing, you should trim the new wool to match the rest of the rug.

 Repairing moth damageWhen your rug is made of wool, it is more prone to being damaged by moths. All damages caused by moths can be repaired no matter how extensive. In the cases of really extensive damage, a weaver may need to rebuild the foundation of the rug.Pile unravellingWhen the damage is not stopped in time the pile can unravel and cause permanent damage. This can sometimes be caused by neglecting fringe repairs. When your rug gets an extremely low pile, it is important to take to a professional weaver so as to prevent the foundation of the rug from getting damaged.If you want your repair work to be of a high quality you should take your rug to a master repairer, restorer and weaver.