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Cleaning is a necessity when it comes to maintaining the rug in the best possible conditions. Carpet cleaners such as Franklin Carpet Cleaners can prove quite helpful in carrying out the cleaning process.How to care for and clean area rugsA rug that is filthy, stained, or has tears looks unappealing. Maintenance done through regular vacuuming, minimum weekly helps a rug maintain its original wonderful look.How to vacuum area rugsArea rugs tend to need vacuuming as often as hard floors are swept. Vacuuming will help with the removal of grime and dirt that destroy carpet fibers. The vacuum should not suck up the carpet fringe when used as it may result in damage to the rug. Such a consideration can be made by adjusting the settings in various types of vacuums.Most vacuums will miss the hair on the rugs that can originate from pet hair. It is therefore important for the rug to be brushed out in the same direction as the nap to ensure any hair present on the rug has been gotten rid of. A few times in the year, the rug should be rotated to avoid wear on areas receiving heavy foot traffic. Rotation also prevents damage to the rug that is caused by sunlight. Small rugs can occasionally receive a shake outside to help remove the dirt that is present in the carpet fibers.Specialty care    Special care can be demanded by some rugs though the necessary instructions are usually indicated on the tag sewn to the rug. Below are some of the basic instructions though they are easily modified to suit the rug in question. Fur and sheepskin area rugs. Shake talcum powder on the rug and let it settle for a few hours. Brush the powder throughout the rug before shaking it off. In a case where the fur is log, repeat this process until you are satisfied with its cleanliness.Braided area rugs. On concrete or a vinyl floor, place a blanket or towel before placing the rug on top. Sponge then rub into the rug a commercial carpet cleaning solution. Using clean plain water, rinse the rug and place it on dry towels or rug then leave the rug to dry.Handmade or antique area rugs. A nylon screen should first be placed on top of the rug. Vacuuming should thereafter be done over the screen through use of a vacuum attachment. Deep cleaningDeep cleaning should be carried out on an annual basis for proper maintenance of the rug. The deep cleaning should not go against instructions provided on the rug’s care label. Where instructions are not provided, those provided below can easily fill in.

  • Perform a spot test with the commercial cleaning solution to determine if the rug is fast colored.
  • If the cleaning solution is safe for the rug, place the rug on a hard surface in a manner similar to cleaning braided rugs.
  • Using clear water, rinse the rug.
  • Leave the rug to dry completely.
  • Vacuum the rug.

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