Area Rug Cleaner

Proper cleaning of a rug is beneficial to the appearance of the rug in terms of age and value. Certain carpet cleaning methods are employed for valuable rugs. The usual carpet cleaners may use methods or solutions that are harmful to fine area rugs hence specialized cleaners should have their services sought. This mainly due to the fact that the methods of cleaning will show an alteration based on the type of rug that is being cleaned.A rug cleaning process:InspectionThis should be done thoroughly so that one can take note of the specifics of the rug that will determine the cleaning method that would prove suitable. Such information will include the age of the rug, its place of origin, its fiber content and information on whether it was handmade or not. Some of the conditions such as stains, moth, burns etc. should also be noted when the area rug is being inspected. The inspection is important in that it helps take note of the condition of the rug and it helps come up with a cleaning process that will rid the rug of all its problems, without the rug incurring further destruction. This helps in the long quest of ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining the integrity of the rug.DustingThis is a process that needs to be carried out before any dusting begins. It aids in the removal of dust mites and any other type of buildup that may be present in the rug. This process is done for the preparation of the rug before it is washed. The dusting gets rid of dirt that may have been left over from vacuuming and any other unwanted materials.WashingThis is the cleaning process that usually follows dusting. It is done using flowing water for the rug to experience thorough cleaning. It is important the carpet cleaning solutions used for this process be either completely free of chemicals or have them in minimum quantities. The solution should be neither acidic nor basic but rather neutral in terms of pH. It should be noted that conditioning of the rug will prove necessary in particular instances.DryingThis is a process that is carried out after the washing is complete. Here, the goal is the removal of moisture or any dampness from the rug. This is mostly done without rollers or wringers and therefore by hand. After a large amount of the water has been removed from the rug, it can be hung to dry and get rid of the remaining amounts naturally. In most cases, the process will only need a maximum of 48 hours in most cases. When the rug is completely dry, a brush that was modified for this function goes through the rug to leave it with a look that can pass of as new.Fringe tidyingThis is an activity that is done as a courtesy to the client of the cleaning company. Another brush is used to go through the rug fringes of the particular rug to ensure it is left in an even manner and orderly, including those that are old.

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