Area Rug Cleaning Cost

Area rugs are very functional when it comes to the provision of style, comfort, and function. They, however, encounter foot traffic that makes it susceptible to wear and dirt. It has therefore been recommended that rugs, especially those that encounter high traffic, should be cleaned once a year. There are however guidelines one can look at to determine the cleaning solution that will best suit the rug from the factors and options that have been provided.The cleaning services that deal with rugs tend to base their rates on the square inch of the rug rather than the time taken in terms of hours. They mostly do your cleaning at your house. Those that clean away from the house tend to cost more due to the factoring in of transport. Transport will be costly due to difficulties faced when transporting large rugs. Below are an additional number of factors that may lead to a change in the price of the rug cleaning process:SizeCharges are most commonly made by sizes. It is determined by the sq. ft. of the rug. When a decontamination bath is used, the cost processes prove to be significantly higher.Rug materialThe cost of cleaning synthetic rugs has proven to be quite low as compared to rugs made of other material. This is because they have the highest resilience ranking while natural fibers prove to be delicate thus needing alternative cleaning methods that have higher costs. The same applies to older rugs that exhibit the same delicate nature.Cleaning methodVacuuming is the most common rug cleaning starting point. Steam cleaning was used in the recent past where the rug was soaked with the solution and water, dirt was removed thereafter the rug was left to dry. Whenever chemicals are used for cleaning, water quantity used is significantly lower, more cleaning solution is used, with the main advantage being the accelerated drying time. The chemical cleaning will be slightly lower to what steam cleaning would have cost. General practice in the area rug cleaning business is the inspection of the rug before choosing the best cleaning method. Some of the delicate ones are hand washed and dried by hanging in some companies. This process, will however, need additional labor resulting in higher cleaning fees.Enhancement and improvement costsFor stained carpets, spot cleaning is done through pre-cleaning and deodorizing before the usual leaning resumes. Such an improvement will bring about additional costs. Pickup and delivery services, prevention of further damage and stains through use of protective sealant and ridding the rug of moths that destroy carpet fibers and application of anti-moth solutions may also result into extra costs.Additional considerations and costsRenting a rug cleaner, in cases of DIY and employing specialists such as mold, and burn may bring about extra charges on a daily basis. Coupons and discounts may show changes in prices especially when they are inclusive of maintenance. In some cases, the cleaning company will ask for a deposit before cleaning begins.

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