Auto Carpet Cleaners

There is often a chance of having spills in the car whenever food or drinks are being consumed. One can opt to carry out the cleaning themselves or consult auto carpet cleaners. 

When spills occur in the car:

  1. Concentrate on the dirt and debris

Get rid of the dirt and debris present in the car that has been tracked in with the shoes. Do this using an air compressor or a sturdy scrub brush.

  1. Deal with the spill immediately

It might not completely get rid of the stain or spill but it will reduce the affected area.

  1. Buy high-quality shampoo and brush

The brush bought to be soft to avoid damaging the carpet.

  1. Opt for natural when in doubt

A mixture of hot water, dish detergent, and vinegar can get rid of most spills. Use a harder to allow the mixture to clean deep within carpet fibers.

  1. Always remember the floor mats

Always clean the floor mats while cleaning the car carpet. Remove them from the car to allow access to the car carpet. Wipe the floor mats if they are rubber but if they are carpeted, shampoo and brush them.

The carpet should at the very least receive a wash from a servicing station monthly. A weekly clean can be given to the car to get rid of dust and dirt. The seats are easily dusted using a handheld vacuum cleaner.

A sponge dipped in soap solution can be used in the car has vinyl seats. The same can be done for vinyl car mats. The window panes, as well as the surrounding lining, should be cleaned using standard window cleaners as they tend to improve the car’s appearance.

If the car mats are below carpet, good carpet shampoo and carpet cleaner will need to be used. Car carpets can improve on the interior look of a car. Below is a guideline to take note of while cleaning the carpet.

  1. Find a carpet cleaner of high quality. The carpet cleaner should be specific to automotive. Such a cleaner is commonly found in the form of spray or foam. The carpet cleaner will have a detergent that is able to clean and remove dirt that is within the carpet fibers. Carpet cleaners are able to get rid of stains, smells and give carpets their former appeal.

  2. Carpet shampoo. Use this to clean the car carpet in addition to car upholstery. Vacuum the carpet using a wet-dry vacuum before using the carpet shampoo. This will help with dust, dirt and hair removal. Use a scrub brush with the shampoo on the carpet. Rinse, vacuum then dry the carpet.

  3. Stain removal. Blot any occurring stains using paper towels to remove the excess. Use shampoo or carpet cleaner to remove the stain.

Regardless of cleaning methods or products, always conduct a spot test before conducting the cleaning. If it’s possible, always engage the services of professional carpet cleaners such as the Franklin Carpet Cleaners located in the Tennessee area.

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