Best Carpet Steam Cleaner

It is sometimes quite difficult to know which the best steam cleaning techniques are even after investing in the best carpet steam cleaner. Steam cleaning helps to get rid of stains and odor on your carpet and also reduces dust. Though it is better to hire a professional for a thorough steam cleaning, once in a while you can do it yourself as it is not that difficult. The following tips will guide you through carpet steam cleaning: 1. Vacuum the carpet before steam cleaningThis step is very important as it helps to remove the dirt and grit from your carpet. You should make sure that you properly vacuum the carpet so as to remove those dirt particles that may have found their way into the foundation of the carpet.2. Treat stains before steam cleaningAlthough the carpet steaming machine will remove most of the dirt and grime, it can sometimes cause stains to become a bit stubborn due to the heat. It is important that you first get rid of each individual stain on your carpet before you can start the cleaning process.3. Prepare the room for steam cleaningYou should remove all the furniture in the room if possible. If it is not possible to remove all the furniture please ensure that you slide pieces of aluminium foil under the feet of the furniture so as to prevent them from absorbing any moisture from the carpet. You should leave the foil pieces until the carpet dries completely which will be about a day. 4. Spot test detergentThis is a very important step that will help you avoid any damage to your carpet. Before using any detergent always ensure that you spot test it on your carpet to ensure it doesn’t affect the dye or the fiber. You can use a cleaning solution that you have in your house or choose to follow the manufacturer’s instructions if you are worried about your machine’s warranty. 5. Operating the steam cleanerMost machines are designed in a way that they lay down water on your carpet as you push them forward and then extract the water when you pull the back. This makes it necessary for you to pull your steaming machine very slowly so as to remove as much water as possible from the carpet. If you leave too much water on your carpet, it can lead to the formation of mildew and mold which can cause a bad odor. It is a great idea to steam clean your carpet during warm weather which will assist in drying the carpet faster. Make sure that you steam clean your carpet at least once a year and you should have your carpet professionally steam cleaned at least once every two years for thorough cleaning and maintenance. Get your steam cleaning services from Franklin Carpet Cleaners, in the Tennessee area and benefit from their state of the art best carpet steam cleaners. If you have not yet taken your carpet for steam cleaning, do it now.

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