Best Method of Carpet Cleaning

There are various methods of cleaning a carpet depending on your particular needs. Always make sure you choose the best method of carpet cleaning depending on the specificity of your carpet. The five main cleaning methods include; shampooing, dry cleaning, bonnet cleaning, foam cleaning and hot water extraction. They are discussed in detail below.1. ShampooingIt is the least effective cleaning method. Detergent is applied to the rug, it is scrubbed, shampooed then vacuumed. The carpet will be left brighter and with a better smell but the dirt and stains reappear as they have not been removed. It is a cleaning method that does not demand professional assistance but can be done on your own. This is the most economical cleaning method currently available in the market. 2. Dry cleaningIt differs from shampooing in that it does not need drying time. An absorbent powder is placed on the rug, it is spread about by a rotating machine before it is left for about 15 minutes to do the absorbing then the powder with the dirt is vacuumed off. 3. Foam cleaningIt works in a manner similar to dry cleaning though it uses foam. It can only manage to clean the top 1/3 of the rug. It is most commonly used in cleaning carpeted areas on a regular basis. Foaming typically does not demand professional assistance.4. Bonnet cleaningIt is a cleaning method mostly used in commercial buildings. It involves the application of chemical detergent then afterwards the use and absorbent pad to get rid of the dirt.5. Hot water extractionIt is also be referred to as steam cleaning. You can do this type of cleaning on your own by renting the necessary machines. The machines are able to remove most of the water from the carpet as soon as the cleaning is completed. Professional cleaners can be hired to do the cleaning. Hot water and detergent are pressurized into carpet fibers using a particular machine to get rid of the dirt. The dirty water is extracted leaving the carpet clean. Dirty water is stored in a tank present on the vacuum cleaner. This is the most effective cleaning method as it gets rid of a large amount of dirt. The carpet should be dried completely to avoid the occurrence of mold. Steam cleaning has the added advantage of leaving the carpet anti-allergic. The truck-mounted unit is the most commonly used machine for this cleaning method by most professionals.Stain removal should be done before any of the cleaning methods are used on the carpet. Most of the common carpet stains can be dealt with using readily available household solutions. This may, however, bring about additional costs. It is important to take note of the manufacturer’s instructions present on the care label before cleaning your carpet yourself. If you are in the Tennessee area, Franklin Carpet Cleaners will give you the best method of carpet cleaning. 

Best Method of Carpet Cleaning Franklin TN