Can Carpet Cleaning Kill Bed Bugs

Getting rid of bed bugs can be a tricky matter and you will thus need to do it right. Can carpet cleaning kill bed bugs? Yes, carpet cleaning can kill bed bugs, however, cannot keep them away always since to keep bed bugs away you will need pest control services. 

Therefore, when bed bugs have already infested your carpet, cleaning the carpet well can get rid of them. Franklin Carpet Cleaners in Franklin TN area are great carpet cleaners and can help you clean your carpet in the best way possible.

Before getting to know the right way of getting rid of bed bugs you need to have a view of the wrong method which is: Never sweep or wipe a floor having bed bugs since you will be spreading the eggs and larvae on a larger area.

Bed bug removal from rugs and carpet

Remove and seal the area rugs in a plastic bag thus restricting the bed bugs in the bag. You can then clean the rug or take it to a public laundromat for washing.

At home, borax powder or diatomaceous powder can be used to treat rugs and carpets. Sprinkle the powder on the rug or carpet and leave for 4 hours. Both powders have a mechanical killing action on the bugs such that they rip off the exoskeleton and dehydrate them. However, the powder can be harmful to the skin, therefore, keep away from children and pets.

After that, vacuum the whole place. Use a vacuum cleaner with a bag to avoid the hassle of emptying the cleaner outdoors every time. First, vacuum some of the powder so that it kills any bed bug picked by the vacuum cleaner. After the vacuuming remove the bag outside your home, seal it and discard it.

Getting rid of bed bugs from the floor

Consider using diatomaceous earth and borax powder along with vacuuming. This can help kill bed bugs plus other parasites such as fleas. You must apply the powder 5 hours before vacuuming.

First remove furniture away from walls and sprinkle the powder on the floor and underneath these items. After that, vacuum the house completely.

You should also consider cleaning behind wall art, pictures, and frames. This will make sure that no bed bug remains hidden hence costing you later.

Using steamers to control bed bugs

When steam is applied correctly, it can be the most effective way of getting rid of bed bugs. You should consider using a steamer that has a steam volume control and a minimum capacity of 1 gallon. Steamers work by delivering high temperatures to bed bugs. To effectively kill the bed bugs, the temperature should be about 160-180degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure the fabric is damp but not wet.

Use the steamer on all surfaces that bed bugs may exist and when you are done follow the instructions on the manual of cooling off the steamer.

Can carpet cleaning kill bed bugs? Yes, it can; only when the right procedure is followed. Always remember that carpet cleaning does not keep away bed bugs but can kill them when they exist.

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