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Carpets have the ability to add a warming effect to our home by adding different color, drawing and texture to the floor. Getting the right carpet is an important step, but knowing the best procedure to apply when cleaning carpets at home compliments the intended effect as well as giving long life to the carpet. 

For this reason, carpet cleaning Franklin lakes brings to your attention the carpet cleaning Do’s and Don’ts. 

Carpet cleaning do’s

1.- Remember to vacuum your carpet every day

Regularly vacuum your carpet. This will help remove dirt and dust from ensuring that the carpet is always clean.

Inventions have seen the emergence of light vacuum cleaners with stronger suction, making their usage easy and convenient.

2.- Use mats at the door

It is no news that shoe soles carry all the dirt out there into the house. When this dirt land on your carpet, its life may be shortened since some dirt results into tough stains which are hard to clean.

Placing a walk off mats by the doorstep could help a great deal in solving this menace.  Just spare a few coins and invest in a good doormat to save your carpet from unnecessary stains.

3.- Remove stains using shaving creams

Using water and detergents to clean carpet stains is a common practice. But for permanent stain removal, Franklin carpet cleaning lakes advocate the use of shaving creams.  

Just spread the cream on your carpet and allow it to settle for a few minutes before cleaning it away using a clean and dry towel. For best results, you can spray vinegar on the stains and finally dry it up with a clean towel.

Carpet cleaning practices you should avoid

1.- Don’t vacuum new carpets

New carpets are not likely to be stained for a few weeks. Don’t be in a hurry to vacuum it. The loose fibre of a new carpet will just go flat if you don’t give it time to bed in. We are sure you don’t want an ugly new carpet. Do you? Non electric hand sweeper would be the best option in this case.

2.- Don’t rub stains

Stains on the carpet can be so irritating and confusing. You may be tempted to rub the stain in an attempt to get rid of it. The bad news is that the stain will spread to the other parts of the carpet instead of going away. Instead, spray cleaning detergent on the spray, then blot it using a clean towel.

3.- Don’t apply too much water on the carpet

You may be tempted to spill too much water on the carpet in your quest to clean the stains. We discourage this because the carpet will soak the excess water and with time the carpet will shrink as well as fade its color. Just use a good amount of water to be safe.


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