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There are a large number of cleaning methods that can be used on carpets. The cleaning method that will best suit your rug will be dependent on the carpet type, the environment and the recommendation provided to you by the carpet manufacturer on the care label.​Types of carpet cleaningHost carpet cleaningIt is a cleaning method that is also identified as absorbent compound cleaning. It involves the use of an attractant to rid the carpet of soil from the carpet surface. The cleaning process first involves vacuuming the carpet, then a wet absorbent compound is used on the carpet. Buffing and agitation of the compound is done by a suitable machine. The soil together with the compound is vacuumed off. This cleaning method accounts for a short drying period. This cleaning method is however limited to only cleaning the carpet surface and it is unable to remove certain deposits such as urine. Sawdust may also be left in the fibers if vacuuming is not done well enough.

EncapsulationThis is a cleaning method commonly used for commercial grade carpet and low pile carpet. The process involves pre-treating the carpet using an encapsulating cleaning solution. A special machine is used for agitation of the solution into carpet fibers. The cleaning solution crystallizes trapping dirt with the crystals removed by vacuuming. The cleaning method cannot be used when the soil is in large quantities and the cleaning method can’t be used for residential.

Dry-cleaningIt can be referred to as bonnet cleaning or absorbent pad cleaning. The cleaning method involves spraying a cleaning solution on the carpet to attract dirt. The solution is made using adaptive bio-degradable material that can easily absorb the dirt present in the carpet fibers. A buffing machine is used thereafter to soak up the solution now carrying present dirt and the process is repeated till the carpet is completely rid of dirt. Professional cleaners using this cleaning method tend to make some modifications to the compounds, solutions and in other cases equipment in a manner that can suit their particular needs. The greatest advantage of this cleaning method is that little water is used hence shorter drying periods. It, however, has the major disadvantage of limited cleaning.Steam cleaningIt is also known as hot water extraction. It is a cleaning method that comes highly recommended especially by manufacturers. It is also listed as a condition for keeping the provided warranty. The carpet is pre-treated by certain solutions, agitated using specialized brushes, rinsed using pressurized water then vacuumed for dirt removal. The carpet is thereafter left to dry in air-conditioned room which can take up to 4 hours. Steam cleaning is one of the few which provide deep cleaning. Carpet shampooing It is a cleaning method that was popular before the introduction of encapsulation. Its greatest shortcoming was the lengthy drying time required after cleaning is done as it did not involve rinsing as a step.

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