Carpet Stain Removal Service Franklin TN

Stains on carpets and rugs in different households are a common sight. The nature of the stains will highly vary and it is recommended that one take advantage of professional cleaners for stain removal at a cost, but there are common household items that can be used for DIY stain removal. There are some guidelines on their use that have been provided by trained professional.Dealing with carpet stainsBefore the stain removal process begins, there are guidelines that should be taken note of; to remove stains, the first thing to do is to blot the stain to absorb it and should be done from outside heading inwards. The next step is to rinsing the stain area to clean of the stain. You should scrub a carpet in an attempt to remove a  stain and a spot test should be done to ensure discoloration of the carpet is not likely when removing the stain.Water soluble stains: They include alcoholic beverages, excrement, dyes, milk, some paint etc. such stains can be removed by using a mixture of non-bleach detergent/ white vinegar and water.Special water-soluble stains: They are inclusive of blood, chocolate, coffee, tea, wine, vomit etc. they can be removed using a mixture of ammonia and water or in extreme cases, water and chlorine, though this solution is not suitable for all carpets.Fat, oil, and wax: They can be removed through the use of a warm iron on a paper towel.Cigarette burns: Rub the pile with a hard and flat surface such as a dull knife.Glue: Pressing a cloth that has been dipped in rubbing alcohol can help remove glue residue. The area should be wiped off after it has been moistened by the procedure.Wax and gum: In both cases, ice cubes can be used to freeze the area before a blunt object is used for shattering the frozen wax or gum. Vacuum the shattered pieces then blot the area with a white towel.Nail polish: Remove using nail polish removal.Urine: Blot out as much as possible and spray the area with a mixture of water and vinegar. Use a mixture of detergent and water on the area afterward before drying the area.Carpet cleanliness maintenance.Professional cleaning should be done at least every 18 months. One can rent necessary equipment or engage company services. There are however considerations to be made before engaging the services of professional carpet cleaners. Such guidelines include:

  • The vacuum power provided by available equipment. It should be enough to dry the carpet in the shortest time possible.
  • Fans should be available to provide short drying times thus preventing mildew and bacteria growth.
  • The cleaning solution should have a pH of less than 10 and should be removed by the cleaning process completion.
  • Recheck the provided warranty.

Further guidelines when dealing with stains are; avoid over wetting the stain area, spot testing all solutions, diluting solutions appropriately, remove excesses before treatment, blot and avoid rubbing and scrubbing, clean from outward towards inwards, apply solutions to blotting fabric rather than directly, enhance fast drying and always deal with stains as soon as they occur .Carpet Stain Removal Franklin TN Service