Carpet Stain Removal Service

It is important that one gets rid of stains that happen on an area rug immediately they happen. There tends to be an increase in difficulty upon removal, whenever they are left to fester. Whenever professional carpet cleaning is sought to help in area rug cleaning, certain materials that may be the most advanced in the market are used. There are some stain removal tips that have been noted below and it is important to seek the help of a professional carpet stain removal service whenever these DIY guidelines prove inadequate. Here are some of the household items that can be used for stain removal.BeerBeer can be used for the removal of coffee and tea stains. Repeat until the stain disappears.AmmoniaUse a mixture of one cup of ammonia with two liters of warm water and use the outcome to remove stains.VinegarMake a mixture of 2tbsp salt and ½ cup of white vinegar. Rub the solution onto a stain using a dry cloth. Leave it to set for roughly two days before you vacuum. With small variations of vinegar, you can use it on paint, juice, coffee and tea stains.Shaving creamUse shaving cream on stains resulting from spilled juice or even grease and oil stains. Rub the cream using a wet sponge on the stain spot.CornstarchCornstarch is good at dealing with ink, grease, and oil stains. It is used together with milk to form a paste that is placed on the carpet and left to dry. Later on, it is brushed off then vacuumed, leaving the rug without a stain.SaltIt is an item often used to enhance other stain removers. When used together with white wine, it can remove stains resulting from red wine. When used together with rubbing alcohol in a ratio of 4:1, it helps with the removal of grease stains. By itself, salt can be used to get rid of ketchup stains.Hydrogen peroxideThis is an item that can remove a number of stains. It is usually mixed with non-gel toothpaste and cream of tartar. The solution can get rid of mystery stains.Baking soda    It is the most suitable when dealing with urine or vomit stains. This is used on stains then vacuumed after use. It can also be used on grease the brushed off after being left to sit for a few hours.Club sodaUse paper towels to absorb the extra urine. Use the club soda to rid the carpet of the stain. It also helps to remove tea and coffee stains.Ice cubesThis is mostly used for the removal of chewing gum. The gum is frozen using the ice cubes in a plastic bag. The frozen gum is then scraped off. Dry-cleaning fluidIt is useful for the removal of butter, grease, lipstick not to mention oily fingerprints. After blotting out excesses, use the fluid from the edge to the center.Paint RemoverThis helps in removal of stains from nail polished or ink.

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