Carpet Stretching and Cleaning

There are always considerations to be made when choosing the appropriate time to do carpet stretching and cleaning. One should consider stretching the carpet when one sees visible signs of buckling or the formation of waves. These are mostly as a result of having the initial placement of the carpet being done improperly or the loosening due to wear and tear. Installation of thick padding may result in the same problem.Furnishing in the room should first be moved before the carpet is well stretched. Breakables and personal items should thereafter be removed before the professional carpet cleaners are called upon.To properly stretch the carpet, a power stretcher should be used. It is made up of a footplate, extension plate, and a grabber head. The whole carpet can be stretched using this from one wall to the other. A knee kicker is commonly known as a carpet installation tool though it does not stretch the carpet. Cleaning a carpet does not loosen it contrary to common belief. Cleaning carpets involves using water which causes them to swell when wet. This will make bumps and lumps visible but this action will reverse when the carpet dries.The carpet stretched before or after cleaning though before is the most common suggestion given. 5-7 days should be left to pass after cleaning before decisions are made on whether to stretch the carpet. This is because moisture is known to weaken carpet fibers. Why stretching should be done before cleaningCleaning on a loose carpet. Cleaning e.g. through vacuuming is more difficult when the carpet is loose. The carpet tends to bunch or form ripples and the cleaning will not be well done. Wrinkles present on the carpet form creases that will be visible upon flattening of the rug. When the carpet is cleaned after stretching, such lines will be removed as stains.When seeking professional help, it will suit well if the stretching and repair company can work well with the cleaning company.Reasons for seeking professional help while carpet stretching and cleaningCertification from a recognized agency is a necessity and experience on its own will not be adequate. Untrained cleaners may do work that may bring on damage to the carpet. The most recognized authority on appropriate certification is the Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). They offer training, oversee technicians and by extension build customer trust. Certification is among the considerations made by clients while they seek out suitable professional cleaners.Training offered by IICRCThe IICRC offers a course of Certified Cleaning Technician (CCT), basics of floor treatment and textile treatment pillars are taught in this course as well. Repair and Reinstallation Technician (RRT) is one other course that is offered and it teaches carpet reinstallation and repair processes. IICRC courses are taught by trained instructors and approved centers. Certification is awarded to those who have successfully completed the course. The technicians at Franklin Carpet Cleaners ​are qualified in carpet stretching and cleaning.

Carpet Stretching and Cleaning Franklin TN