Cleaning Service Franklin

It is always important to do some research before choosing the cleaning service that will best suit you. An experienced professional company like Franklin Carpet Cleaner, for those seeking carpet cleaning service Franklin, TN should always be the first consideration. Considerations to make before hiring a cleaning company

  • Take note of the carpet cleaning process. There are different types of cleaning methods such as the wet and dry-cleaning methods. Other cleaning methods or treatments could involve the use of products that are quite toxic while others remain environmentally friendly. The company of choice should be one that specializes in your preferred cleaning method.
  • Do research on the cleaning companies you are considering to hire. Consult with family and friends and seek the help of review sites. Ask for references from the companies remaining on your narrowed down list.
  • Ensure the company that is being considered has been authorized by relevant authorities. The technicians within the company should have the relevant certifications. The company should be certified by IICRC.
  • Go to the site of the cleaning company and take note of the online reviews. The company should have both experience and training as this come in handy to ensure positive reviews.
  • The company’s license should be up to date and should have insurance. Rugs are quite costly and a cleaning company that has insurance can assure the customer that they are prepared for anything that could go wrong. The company’s license can be confirmed by the local government.
  • Cost; always take note of the price that is advertised. Ensure you keenly check for additional charges and possible hidden costs.
  • The standard cleaning process involves dry soil removal through vacuuming, soil-suspension through carrying out proper pre-treatment, soil extraction through steam cleaning, grooming then drying. The cleaning company should be one that will carry out all of the mentioned steps.
  • Consider the special treatment provided and the cost of this treatment.
  • The pH of the chemicals to be used on the carpet. Before hiring a company ensure the pH of their cleaning products is low to avoid having the carpet get soiled easily. High pH cleaners attract dirt.Take note of the guarantee that is offered by the cleaning company and the length of the said guarantee.

To avoid scams:

  • Avoid choosing the option that gives the lowest price. Decisions should be based on recommendations and the quality of work before the price is considered.
  • Ask about the additional services. The outlined price is the basic cost but additional services that are provided may bring about extra costs.
  • Do an overview employee check. Hire a company that carries out a background check on its employees. The company is responsible for the items damaged or stolen while the cleaning is being done.

There are many who will choose to do the carpet cleaning themselves. However, this is an action which is not recommended especially if you do not know how to handle the carpet material as there is a high probability of damaging the carpet. Franklin Carpet Cleaners is the go-to carpet cleaning Franklin.Carpet Cleaning Service Franklin TN Carpet Cleaning