Cleaning your Carpet to Last

Carpets are expensive and should be viewed as long-term investment and treated as such. For your carpet to serve you for a long time, while remaining in tip-top shape, you have to employ the correct cleaning tactics and methods. Here are tips for cleaning your carpet to last: Set the vacuum at the right heightA vacuum set too high will damage the carpet and the vacuum but high settings will not collect dirt. To properly set it- raise it to the highest setting, switch it on and lower it until the vacuum begins tugging itself forward.Keeping your carpet dirt free

  • Vacuum often: Place emphasis on entrance areas and high traffic areas by cleaning twice a week and for other areas once a week.
  • Start with a clean filter or bag: When they are dirty, they reduce the vacuum’s suction power by half. Replace the filters on bag-less vacuum cleaners every 3 months.
  • Vacuum at the right speed: Do it slowly enough to ensure all dirt is collected. One quick pass on areas of low traffic and slow passes in areas of high traffic.
  • Use walk-off mats: They should be available inside as well as outside to keep the dirt off the carpet.

There are four ways to recognize quality pros:Truck mounted equipmentThey exhaust the humidity and dirty air outside. They leave the carpet dry as they have strong suction. Hot water is the best for cleaning synthetic carpets. The cleaning is done by pretreating the carpet with detergent then rinsing it in hot water at high pressure. It is best to do the deep cleaning every 12-18 months and hire a professional though it may prove expensive.Don’t take bids over the phoneSuitable carpet cleaning professionals will give an estimate of cost after a home inspection and based on the condition of the carpet and its size. Not by using the number of rooms in the house.Beware of discount carpet cleanersSuch carpet cleaners are more in need of sales that a customer relationship. They spray soap and suck the water and consider the job done. They also charge for services offered for free by pros. Their cleaning methods end up destroying the carpet more.You get what you pay forThe pricing should be based on the carpet condition, type, size, and the services needed.Use DIY machines carefullyHiring a machine to clean with is affordable for many rather than employing a professional to clean the carpet. One should carefully read the instructions, understand how the machine is to be used, and then clean the carpet well. Do enough research online about the machine and then checkout its customer reviews and feedback.Final tips

  • Clean the carpet before it’s extremely dirty. Cleaning the carpet depends on the traffic the carpet gets. A household with children will wash its carpet often. Clean the carpet when it starts appearing dull.
  • Vacuum the carpet well before and after cleaning. Vacuuming before helps in removal of large dirt particles, while doing it afterwards picks up particles that may have come about when drying.
  • Pretreat high traffic areas and areas with stains. Remove and elevate furniture while cleaning. Avoid the use of excess moisture on the carpet and after cleaning always let the carpet dry well. Do not dig or scoop food spills.
  • Always remember not to scoop or dig food spills and whenever water fails when trying to remove stains, use white vinegar. 

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