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Carpets like everything else in the world get dents when pressure is applied. Most people find it expensive and pointless to call a carpet care professionals to repair their carpets until it is too late. Franklin Carpet Cleaners are experts in carpet dent repair Franklin, TN. We are going to give you some handy DIY tips for repairing dents.

Carpets are used all over the world to beautify and give a room a certain level of etiquette. Therefore, these are some great ways to deal with carpet dents.

Using ice

Simply place the piece of ice on the dent of the carpet. Ensure you fill the dent with ice. Leave the ice for an hour or overnight depending on the size of the dent.

As the carpet fibers absorb the water, they regain their fluffy nature making the dent disappear. Use a sponge to absorb the excess water and brush through the carpet with a hard or soft brush depending on the texture of your carpet.

Using heat

When using heat, take a damp or moist piece of cloth and place it over the dented area. Using your heat source, probably an iron, pass it over the cloth slowly for a minute or two. Make sure the iron is not set on steam as this will not give the expected results.

The carpet will absorb the water from the cloth and regain its original bulkiness. This is better than ice as it will not leave behind water. The results are almost instantaneous. If you don’t receive results, try it again.

Using steam machine

Using steam is the most effective. Much like using heat, the steam machine uses the same principle and gives the same results. But because not everyone is capable of renting or purchasing the steam machine, they use the latter method.

The water from the steam condenses and is absorbed by the carpet fibers. Steam having a high temperature, doesn’t leave behind excess water and the fluff of the carpet is regained.

Using a blow dryer

As you use a blow dryer, you should first sprinkle some water on the dents then pass over the area with a blow dryer on medium or high heat depending on the durability of your carpet or the texture. Pass over the area for five to ten minutes, and then remove the cloth.

Using your hands

First of all, vacuum over the carpet to straighten the carpet fibers making it easier for you to hold them.  Using your hand tease the carpet fibers for a few minutes until you get the expected results.


As seen, water is the most important item on dealing with carpet dents caused by household furniture. You should, however, be careful not to use too much as it might cause other carpet problems such as odors due to dampness.

Dent repairs can be tedious to fix especially over a large area. For the most professional dent repair Franklin, TN, contact Franklin Carpet Cleaners.

Dent Repair Franklin Tennessee