Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Encapsulation carpet cleaning, also known as encapping, is mostly a new cleaning method that can be compared with traditional wand cleaning in the current industry.Encapping is a type of cleaning that is low moisture (VLM) and uses polymers to crystallize and encapsulate stains and dirt to be vacuumed immediately. The polymers have a reaction similar to small sponges. Soil and dirt are absorbed and are later on vacuumed, leaving a deep clean with no sticky residue. In recent times, encapsulation is showing an increase in popularity and it is recognized for its functionality in cleaning carpets from both residential and commercial areas.There is always a little variety in how the encapping is done. The common and standard procedure involves using specially formulated encap detergent then running it through the solution tank that is then placed in a scrubbing machine then scrubbed into the carpet.Emulsification of fats, oils, and starches is done as they bind dirt to carpet fiber when scrubbing. This is possible through the use of the encap solution. The solution results in the formation of micelles that engage in the uniform distribution of the fats/oil on wet carpet fiber. For immediate clean looks, crushed silica is placed in the products for brightening.Crystallizing polymers are however the key ingredient in an encap solution; when moisture is exposed to air, crystallization begins. The result gives the carpet an illusion of brightness and cleanliness and there is the unavoidable drying that results to dirt capture by the detergent. The now dried crystals are later on removed by vacuuming a number of times.There are advantages of using this method of cleaningIt improves the appearance of the carpet. In comparison to traditional carpet cleaning methods, encapsulation tends to bring about a pleasing appearance and the appearance could last for a long period of time. This is because encapping has the soil held on the carpet for extraction, making it difficult for other dirt to get attached.Fast cleaning and drying timesAn extra day is usually required for wet cleaning methods before a vacuum is made use of. The crystallization in this case, however, provides for fast cleaning and drying as well as vacuuming.The lack of sticky residueThere tends to be such a residue whenever wet cleaning is used on carpets. Such residue usually tends to re-soil the carpet quicker than the time taken by dirt to recollect on it. The residue tends to make the carpet deteriorate. With encapping, it is easy enough to get rid of the crystals.Little initial cost and fast paybackThe machines when using encap are easy to clean well and fast.If you are looking for a different method other than the traditional, which you have been using to clean your carpet, you may try encapsulation.

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