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Top quality and reliable service is a guarantee when using the services of Franklin carpet cleaner- Franklin Carpet Cleaning. This is made possible by having well-trained staff and high-quality equipment. Provision of good services has been attributed to the buildup of clients. It is important that the cleaning materials used remain friendly to the environment, children as well as pets. Carpet cleaning, stretching, repair and restorationCarpets can store dirt that may later result in illness, which is why proper cleaning methods are needed to prevent such an occurrence. Cleaning methods such as hot water extraction will prove both effective and safe for cleaning carpets.  It is important to use cleaning that is soap free. Such a measure will prevent the carpet from being stiff or spongy and in other cases flat. We counterchecking can be done to ascertain adequate cleaning has been done. Drying is done afterward to ensure there is little to no possibility of saturation and it can happen over a short time of up to 2 hours.With Franklin Carpet Cleaning, additional services in regard to stain and smell treatment as well as protecting treatments are offered. The cleaning service provides quality services at affordable prices. Rug cleaning, repair, and restorationThis cleaning service is able to clean the variations of rugs be it wool, antique, Persian, outdoor etc. they are able to determine appropriate materials and equipment that will prove valuable in cleaning the different rugs. Spot test is done in a manner to ensure the area the test has been done will show little visibility. Pets at home are known to shed fur and excrete on the carpet which may bring about irritation and allergies. The stains related to animals can be removed by this cleaning service. Upholstery, mattress & drape cleaningCleaning may prove to be quite challenging especially with the presence of children and pets in the home. Cleaners can be employed to disinfect and apply deodorant on drapes and upholstery. Upholstery and drapes cleaning requires the utmost care for the delicate fabrics and it is even more important for mattresses which require being well cleaned and properly dried.Commercial carpet cleaningFranklin Carpet Cleaning not only provides cleaning services for homes, but also for commercial enterprises. They are able to offer services that regular cleaners are not able to provide for the organization. Most of those in the real estate and housing industries such as property owners, leasing agents etc., take advantage of our services when preparing a property for sale or renting. Services are offered on the agreed upon time, in a professional manner and accompanied with a guarantee on the work to be done. Provision of stain protection treatments is an added advantage.Carpet stretching and repairStain and burn removal can be done as well as restoration to a state similar to the original look.Expectations upon hiring usEducation and a walkthrough should be done first through a pre-inspection. Pre-cleaning, stain removal, deep cleaning using hot water extraction and fast drying. Disinfection and carpet protection are added services.

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