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Most people opt to seek professional help when they want their carpets cleaned. There are however a significant amount of individuals who opt to do the cleaning themselves and there are recurring mistakes attributed to such an action. Carpet cleaning don’ts from Franklin TN Carpet CleanersProper maintenance of any particular rug can help the carpet withstand wear and tear that is bound to happen in the course of the year. All the present dirt can’t be removed through simple and regular vacuuming and after a while, it will be important that one does a deep clean. Spills and stains are bound to happen and it is important that one knows how to minimize the damage caused by stains and spills. Below are some of the prevention measures that can be taken.Long wait before cleaning spillsIt is a common practice for quite a number of individuals to postponed cleaning occurring spills. If the spill is acted on immediately it happens, there is a higher probability of completely getting rid of the stain. Rubbing the carpetFor spills and spots, it is common practice for many to use a towel to rub on the stain. Rubbing the stain should not be done as it further pushes the spill into the carpet fibers and spreads it causing discoloration. Fraying of the rug is also a possibility. Brushes and scrubbing tools should not be used on the stain.Lack of a spot testOne should be carried out when dealing with strong cleaning solutions. Refer to the available label then perform a spot test before attempting the stain removal process.Using a colored cloth for stain removalUse of a colored cloth for stain removal poses the risk of having the dye from the colored cloth transferring to the carpet. This results in an even larger stain.Over dampening the areaUsing excessive moisture can cause further damage to a stained area such as discoloration, carpet lifting, and damp odors. Upon the occurrence of excessive moisture, use a towel to firmly press the carpet then apply additional pressure to absorb as much moisture as possible.Do not use over-the-counter carpet cleanersSuch cleaning solutions tend to leave a residue once the cleaning process is complete. The residue attracts dirt thereby destroying one particular area of the rug.Best stain removal methodsWater resistant products are frequently used to prevent a further sinking of spills into carpet fibers, but quick action should nonetheless be taken to deal with stain occurrence.Excesses of the spill should always be removed first through either dabbing or scrapping. Blotting the area should be done next to remove excess moisture. A suitable pre-tested carpet cleaner should be used next.The cleaning should always be done from out heading in. the cloth should be constantly rinsed throughout the blotting. Residue from the cleaning solution should be removed using a cloth then the area should be left to dry properly. If the cleaning mistake has already been done, the carpet can be replaced.

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