Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning and hot water extraction are thought by many to be similar but this isn’t the case. Hot water extraction method is usually used to get the carpet clean.Hot water carpet cleaning method begins with the use of a powerful machine to heat water in a cleaning truck. For professional use, a water extraction cleaning machine injects water and cleaning solution into the carpet for removal of dirt. The solution and water are then removed so that the carpet can dry quickly. Wherever steam is visible, the water is still responsible for the cleaning.Difference between hot water extraction and steam cleaningWater usually evaporates in steam cleaning to steam and stains can set in steam. When agents such as detergents are used, hot water tends to provide a rinse that is more thorough than anything steam would have. Hot water usually removes all the present dirt by flushing through the carpet fibers.Difference between renting a machine and acquiring professional helpRemoval of dirt: Vacuuming the carpet before the carpet is given a hot water extraction has proven to be an important step when it comes to professional carpet cleaning. It is important that most of the dirt be removed before wet cleaning. Professional carpet cleaners usually have powerful trucks that carry numerous vacuums that have the capability to remove more dirt from carpets than home vacuums are able to.Drying power: The machines available for rent are not always as strong and powerful as those owned by professionals. This statement is proven correct in the process of drying. Carpets should be completely dried to prevent the occurrence of mold and stains. Professional cleaning may only have the carpet damp for only two days while steaming machines have them damp for longer. Most people usually wait for their carpets to reach extremely filthy levels before they seek professional help: This action is wrong as professional help should be sought every year to lengthen the life-span of the carpet while still maintaining its aesthetic. Stains, dirt and constant traffic on the carpet are some of the daily things collected by the carpet, that may at times result in pest infestation such as mite. Use of hot water extraction tends to rid the carpet of most of these things and help maintain the carpet in its beautiful state.The best way to get carpets clean and maintain them for a longer period of time tends to be through hot water extraction: If professional hot water extraction carpet cleaning is done on an annual basis, dirt responsible for a carpet’s wear and tear will be removed before it builds up.   

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Franklin TN