Oriental Carpet Buying Tips

1. Know How Rugs Are MadeLoom weaving is how Oriental rugs are made. The weaving is done by using strands of cotton or wool that are stretched from top to bottom, from beam to beam. The strands are known as warps. The horizontal, wefts, are woven in-between the warps. The warps are tied with wool and result in the pile; for 6 by 9 carpets, it takes 6 months to complete. The rug, therefore, has direction and the top appears raised.2. Learn the phrasesKnow the terms of identification to allow for the easy description of the item being sought- for example, the main background is mostly referred to as the field. Opt to only go for shopping when you have a clear idea of what you want in terms of field, border color, design (whether it an allover design or isolated to an area) etc. you can carry samples in terms of fabric.3. Shop until you tireWhen shopping, note the dimensions needed and carry a diagram with you. While window shopping, note the ones that appealed to you and their prices. New rugs are sold per sq. foot while antique is sold per piece. Whenever in doubt ask, such as why one rug is expensive than the other.4. Love itBefore purchase, check for inconsistencies as they are usually hand-woven. Ensure that the rug you are attracted to will remain attractive to you after the passing of some time.5. Consider its decorative valueBuy a rug that appeals in both decoration and use and has a likelihood of remaining the same with the passage of time. New rugs should not be purchased as an appreciating investment since there are copies, and in some cases exact matches.6. Antiques are investmentsWith the passing of time rugs such as Persian rugs become antiques as they become rare hence valuable and therefore investments. With recent times, however, the rugs are given designs that appear antique but are fakes. It can be hard to know the difference so ensure you can trust your dealer. Repairs and restoration conducted on the rug should be visible on the price tag on the rug.7. Healthy wool has a wonderful feelWool from New Zealand and Tibet are proving to be the best in the world. Enquire as to the origin of the wool. It should be smooth and soft. For really soft and shiny wool, be suspicious as it may be chemically treated.8. Check on the fine nature and density of the knotsFor strength, examine the knot density but for clear design definition, check for fineness. 9. First Try the Rug at HomeThe general look of the room the rug is to be placed in will determine if the rug will be suitable. Some dealers may allow one to take the rug home to check out its suitability. Ensure you like its appearance during both day and night time.10. Choose Your Source WiselyChoose to buy from businesses that have been around for a while.

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