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An oriental rug can be any one of a large number of floor coverings that have their origin in Asia. The countries that are mostly known to make such type of rugs are Iran, Turkey, China, and India. In recent times there are some rugs that are seen to come from Vietnam. Legitimate oriental rugs are created by hand and the materials used range from wool to cotton and in some instances silk. Sometimes the term oriental has also been applied to rugs with Asian motif even though they are machine made. Such kinds of rugs are however not referred to by this article.There are a variety of methods that can be applied when making oriental rugs but the most common method of creation of quality rugs is hand-knotting. The rug is created through the use of a flat loom. To begin, a foundation of the fibers is formed which is known as warp, then cross fibers known as weft are added to the foundation. The pattern is thereby formed.Between 16 and 550 knots are the standards for the making of a quality rug. Quality value awarded to rug tends to increase with an increase in the number of knots present. The process of creation is time-consuming to lengths of up to a year. Having and owning an oriental rug is a pleasing notion to many but there are precautions to be taken when one is dealing with oriental rugs.Cleaning oriental rugsThere are various guidelines that one should take into account when cleaning or caring for an oriental rug. Quality care provision increases the rug’s lifespan for decades. Some considerations to be made are noted below.Care and maintenance

  • Rotate the rug to minimize the occurrence of wear to any particular area. It is advised that the rug should be rotated at least twice a year.
  • Place the rug away from direct sunlight as this may cause fading of the rug.
  • Do regular vacuuming as it removes the frequently present dirt and prevents matted carpet fibers. It is important that the rugs fringe is not ruined.
  • Spot clean. Whenever a spill occurs on the rug, one should blot out the excess using a piece of cloth then the area dabbed with a small amount of club soda. Avoid the use of cleaners as they tend to damage rug fibers.

Professional rug cleanersDespite the frequent domestic maintenance and care on rugs, it is important that the rugs receive special care at some point that includes deep cleaning. Some may opt to hire a rug cleaner to perform the special cleaning on their own as this mode of cleaning is cheaper and it involves little to no movement. Oriental rugs are usually quite heavy especially woolen ones hence the lack of movement proves advantageous. Hiring a professional Oriental rug cleaner like Franklin Carpet Cleaners, for rug cleaning on the other hand allows for better rug preservation and cleaning services with superior equipment and products.

Oriental Rug Cleaners near Me Franklin TN Professional Carpet Cleaning