Professional Area Rug Cleaning

The professional help that is sought to help with the rug cleaning should be a company that specializes in cleaning certain types of rugs. It is therefore important that one knows the material used to create the rug before professional help is hired.Common materials for area rugsThe material used for rugs can be majorly divided into natural and synthetic fibers. Natural fibers consist of materials such as cotton, wool, silk etc. Rugs of such materials are made through hand-knotting, flat-weaving, and hand-tufting.The common natural rugs include:Wool rugsThey are durable and popular among many. They are versatile, dye easily and highly comfortable. It is a dense material that does not attract liquids. This means it will need a long time to soak up water and supports quick cleaning of the rug in a way as to ensure no permanent damage happens. Wool is good for the formation of thick rugs, though most of the wool items pile or shed. Wool products should mostly be professionally cleaned whenever possible. Cotton rugsCotton is generally good at absorbing dyes. The material can be used to make rugs through flat weaving and braiding. Cotton can be used in place of jute or sisal. Rugs made with cotton can be washed in a machine and have long life spans. Cotton is generally easily affordable than wool making cotton rugs a preferred choice over wool rugs.Jute and sisal rugSuch materials are quite tough and can help create durable rugs. These materials are also applicable in a situation where one has an allergy, particularly to wool. The limitation to using rugs made of such materials is that they are good moisture absorbents making it difficult to remove stains when spills happen. Silk and viscose rugsThese materials are quite soft; they are absorbent and dye quite easily. Such materials are quite versatile but they cannot be used on their own and last long. Wool is often the preferred addition to this materials as they work well. Synthetic fiber rugs Most of the rugs made with synthetic fibers are usually woven using a power loom. Using machine enables customization in terms of size, colors, and patterns. Details of the desired end result are fed to a computer, modifications are made and the end product is the desired result. Below are some of the synthetic materials:

  • Nylon rugs

It can be found in a great number of rugs. The resulting rug is dirt resistant encouraging easy cleaning. It is durable. It is however dyed using acid making for quicker fading.

  • Olefin rugs

It is also known as polypropylene. It is widely popular among synthetic rugs. It is soft, stain resistant, affordable and great at holding color. It is however not resilient in shows soling and abrasion with the passing of time.

  • Polyester rugs

They are durable and able to resist bleach, fade wear and tear. It is affordable and quite common. It is, however, hard to dye and not oil-resistant.Professional Area Rug Cleaning Franklin TN