Professional Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug CleaningArea rugs are an important part of the home as they are able to increase the aesthetic value of the home or commercial areas as well as capture dirt and dust particles from outside, present on shoes or those that are blown in from outside. Rugs may prove to be costly to the owner especially in cases where sentimentally valuable. It is extremely importance that the rugs only be handled by professionals in the field especially those who have relevant certification such as the IICRC. The rugs will require regular maintenance irrespective of whether the rug is synthetic or natural. Maintenance can be done at annual interval if you have pets or children and once every 3 years where there is a lack of the two. Wool especially has been known to hide a lot of dirt, making it to demand specific cleaning methods and products that are wool safe. Such products prevent damage to the wool rug while cleaning.Professional rug cleaning companies are what is best when it comes to cleaning area rugs. Many seem to be tempted into doing their rug cleaning themselves rather than hiring a professional though this is discouraged as the gentle approach that will nonetheless clean the rug can only be done by trained and qualified personnel as they have been made aware on how delicate rug fibers may be and how they can be handled without damage to the rug.Those who opt to carry out the cleaning of their rugs on their own in most cases than not will cause damage to the said rugs as they will exert too much force when scrubbing and most likely use the wrong equipment and materials. This is a risk that is not worth taking.Franklin Carpet Cleaners is a team of experienced and skilled professional area rug cleaners who know that rug cleaning is unique to each area rug. An inspection of your rug will be carried out on the rug so as to make note of any special needs that will need an extra service to clean e.g. stained areas or those that have heavy traffic or in other cases damaged areas like burn areas.It is important that one takes note of the carpet and the solution that will best suit and combine this with the appropriate equipment to ensure there is the highest possible level of cleanliness. One of the methods we commonly opt for is hot water extraction as it performs best and leaves the carpet with a great appearance. Some cleaning companies modify their own equipment in ways they find most suitable. The personnel of professional area rug cleaning companies is well trained to ensure there is high-quality service delivery. Experience is the main benefit when it comes to professional cleaning companies such as Franklin Carpet Cleaners since they have the lowest risk as well as provide specialized cleaning. Contact us for carpet and rug care and cleaning services as well as for information and advice.

Professional Area Rug Cleaning Franklin TN