Professional Carpet Care

Many have opted to do their carpet cleaning on their own as they have found this cost effective. The usual stains can be removed using household items any many take advantage of this fact. It is, however, important for one to seek professional carpet care from reputable carpet cleaners such as the Franklin Carpet Cleaners, TN if you have stubborn stains on your carpet.Reasons for seeking professional carpet care

  • Excrement from pets such as urine tends to change while drying leading to damage on the carpet. A professional should be consulted rather than doing the stain removal on your own.
  • The internet is filled with information on carpet cleaning and stain removal. This information should not be readily and unquestionably adopted for DIY carpet care as it may lead to carpet damage.
  • Carpet are able to conceal a lot of dirt before it is visible, meaning that carpets, in most cases, are actually dirtier than they appear.
  • Stains that are left for some time or that dry on a carpet may result in permanent marks on the carpet.
  • Protecting solutions present in stain removers tend to contribute to the weakening of carpet strands with time.

Steps for carpet care

  • Always vacuum the carpet, especially areas of high traffic. Have a vacuuming schedule.
  • Whenever spills or spots occur, clean them immediately to avoid carpet damage.
  • Seek professional help with the cleaning at least once every 18 months.
  • Have a mat outside for cleaning shoes before one steps on the carpet or have dirty shoes be left outside to keep your carpet clean.

Basic rug care

  • Washing rug: Follow the directions provided on the care label. Shake of the dirt before the wash. Use the lowest heat setting and tumble dry.
  • Beating larger rugs: Shake then place it on a clothes line, beat it. Vacuum the rug.
  • Regular vacuuming.

Essential elements of carpet cleaning process    Chemical concentrationA reaction of chemicals is present in the wet carpet cleaning process. The chemicals are made more concentrated when the carpet is extremely dirty to allow for less cleaning time. There are chemicals that can be used in specific situations such as stain removing solutions.TemperatureChemical reactions will increase in speed with the increase in temperature. This means less cleaning solution and cleaning time will be used. One should take note not to damage the carpet with extremely high temperature especially with fabric like wool. Hot solutions allow shorter drying times and the reduction of surface tension allowing for dirt removal. Do not use alkaline on wool and allow adequate drying time.TimeWhile cleaning the carpet, allow 10-15 minutes for a reaction to take place. The carpet should not be allowed to dry before the carpet is thoroughly rinsed.AgitationThis is an action which helps with the even spread of cleaning chemicals in the carpet fibers during the cleaning process. It helps with the removal of accumulated dirt on the carpet fibers as well as the acceleration of chemical reactions.Professional Carpet Care Franklin TN