Professional Stain and Odor Removal

Some things are hard to avoid. Stains and bad odor are some of those unavoidable things when we talk about carpeting. Some milk spilt onto your carpet, or a pet excreting where they shouldn’t, maybe even paint spilt all over a surface in your house. Stains and odors are annoying for you and embarrassing if you have guests over. You may want to have professional stain and odor removal as soon as possible.Removing pet odor and stains is not the easiest of tasks known to mankind. Whether on beddings, carpets, or any other surface, it is not something you want to do but sometimes you will have no choice.So, how exactly does one get rid of carpet stains and odors?

  • Odor removal

These are best for removing odors such as pet urine on carpets and can be found at the local pet store. They have natural enzymes that break down the materials that cause the odor, thus getting rid of it completely.Once you have the enzymatic cleaner, just pour it onto the affected area, ensuring that it soaks through then let it sit enough to have the enzymes break the odor causing agents. Dry it off after giving it ample time.

  • Fresh stains

If the stain is still wet, for instance fresh urine from a pet, you can use paper towels to try and dry the place up as much as you can. You can then wash the area thoroughly with clean water and then dry it. 

  • Stubborn stains

Sometimes the stain may still remain even after cleaning the area thoroughly and left it to dry. In such cases, you can use carpet stain remover to get rid of the stain.Do also consider renting a carpet cleaner to make your work easier. You can get them for 24 hours and clean your carpets during this time.

  • Hot water use

You can get rid of stains from pets using the hot water to extract them.Do avoid vigorous scrubbing of the affected areas as this may set the stain into the fibers of your carpet making it that much harder. Opt for a lighter sort of scrubbing.None of these techniques works?You may find that on some carpets and upholstery, none of these methods works. Where the stain or odor isn’t gotten rid of, you have the option of replacing the carpet, getting a fresh, new one.Future actionsPets tend to go back to areas where they can smell their scent. You, therefore, need to ensure that the only place with that scent is the designated bathroom area, to have them use the right place in future. This is why getting rid of previous odors is important.As a pet owner, the knowledge of dealing with pet stains and odors is imperative. Do try these techniques or get professional services and make your life that much easier. You do not have to do it yourself though, you can hire the services of professionals; find Franklin Carpet Cleaners in Tennessee for professional stain and odor carpet cleaning.Professional Stain and Odor Removal Franklin TN