Professional Upholstery Cleaners

Spills and stains leave your upholstered furniture dirty and may shorten the life of your furniture if not removed ASAP. Is it possible to keep your furniture against possible stains? And what happens when you are not in a position to remove the stains when they occur? You may opt for hiring the services of professional upholstery cleaners or clean and care for your upholstery through simple DIY tips.

Tips for maintaining your upholstered furniture


1.- Choose the right fabric

Choosing the right fabric for the right place will go a long way in making the maintenance task easier. Go for fabric that blends your lifestyle to give your furniture a longer life.


2.- Protect your fabric

Treat and remove stains as soon as they occur to prevent them from working deep into the fabric. Always remember to read the tag given by your manufacturer for the right cleaning procedure.

Damp-dust arms and headrest areas of  your furniture with a cleaning solution to prevent an accumulation of body oil on the fabric in such areas. Enforce a ban on eating and drinking on your furniture to reduce the possibilities of staining the furniture.


3.- Turn the cushions

For an even distribution of wear and tear, periodically turn over the loose cushions. You can also fluff the cushions immediately after cleaning to keep them in shape.

To ensure an even usage, occasionally rotate the positions of the cushion. Take the cushions outside and beat them by hand every month. This is helpful in preventing dust from settling into the cushion fiber.


4.- Vacuum

Vacuum the upholstery on a weekly basis using the upholstery attachment. Concentrate more on the high-traffic areas to keep the fabric of your upholstered furniture from wear due to the abrasive action of dirt particles. This prevents dirt from working its way into the fabric as well as removing the surface soil.

You can use a soft-bristle brush to whisk the dirt away from your furniture. Do it gently to avoid snagging the fabric.

For frequently used furniture, always beat the cushions of the furniture before vacuuming them.


5.- Avoid sunlight and pollutants

Exposing your furniture to too much sunlight will cause the upholstered fabric to fade and fray. This will damage your furniture after some time.

Keep your upholstered furniture away from direct sunlight and ensure that your room is properly ventilated to avoid accumulation of smoke and fumes which can cause unpleasant odors to your furniture.


6.- Spot clean

Treat and remove the stain as soon as they occur by blotting them in circular motions using a paper towel or a clean.  Always work from the outside edge towards the inside to prevent spreading of the stain to the other parts of the furniture.

Never rub the stain as this will damage the fiber as well as spreading the stain to the other parts.


Caring for and cleaning your upholstery should not be an option. You can DIY or contact Franklin Carpet Cleaners for the most professional upholstery cleaners.

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