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Area rug cleaning vs. carpet cleaningThough confusing to many, there is a notable difference between area rug cleaning and carpet cleaning. Most carpet and rug cleaners, in most cases, do the cleaning onsite. They tend to steam clean the rug, use carpet cleaners that are quite abrasive, remove as much water as possible from the area rug but in most situations leave soap residue on the rug, making the carpet fibers stick together in a lump. Franklin Carpet Cleaners has the best experience for rug cleaning Franklin TN.   In most cases, the rug will stay for up to 48 hours while damp, but its continued dampness leads to mold and bacteria in most cases. Discoloration is an outcome of having a damp area rug and steam cleaning should not be done on wool or silk.Professional area rug cleaningWhen you hire the services of rug cleaners, inspection should be done to determine place of origin, coloring, rug fiber and the general condition of the rug. An estimation of when the work to be done on the rug will be completed is given. The rug is thereafter picked-up and reanalyzed in detail. The rug is then dusted, cleaned by hand followed by a rinse in a gentle manner. Cleaning and drying methods are always based on the rug type.Drying can happen when the rug is hung, flat, or by use of a breeze. Brushing, fluffing, and combing can be done at various stages of the drying process thus maintaining an appealing look on the rug. It is important that no abrasives, either chemical or equipment, are used for the washing and drying of area rugs. Post-inspection is the final step and if the outcome is not as desired, the process can be repeated and the rug returned to the owner.Rug cleaningWhen choosing the best rug cleaning company, such as Franklin Carpet Cleaners, the first consideration to be made is in relation to the years the company has been in business. The more the business has been around, the higher the chances of getting answers to questions and receive high-quality outcome as they have skills that prove valuable. It is important to take note of the comments and recommendations present online as they validate the customer service that is provided by such a company. It is an added advantage when the company picked provides cleaning services and additional related services such as restoration and repair. Professionals tend to have more advanced solutions, equipment, and techniques to facilitate the laundering process.Professional cleaners are tasked with removing materials such as allergens, dirt, and odor from the rug. The commonly followed routine outlined to achieve this is noted below. There should be the removal small items from furniture that will have to be moved. The rug will be checked for any stains. Vacuuming will be done to remove the dirt. Spot treatment is done next followed by hot water extraction. Doing this helps with the removal of dirt that may be stuck to carpet fibers. Finally, a post-spot treatment is performed.

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