Rug Cleaning near Me

Rugs, in most cases, make an impact to a room; they can be used to redefine a room. It is important that a rug is provided with the best care to ensure it remains appealing and clean. Rug care and cleaning approach is determined by a rug’s size, construction, and material used.How to care for your rugsSome of the care tips that can be used when dealing with rugs include:

  1. Always have the rug cleaned and wrapped before it is stored. The cleaning should be done professionally and the storage done in an area with climate control.
  2. The care label that accompanies the purchase of a rug should be left with the rug or kept safely so that it can be referred to later on when necessary.
  3. Large rugs that perform a function similar to wall-to-wall carpet should be provided with special care too.
  4. Small rugs that are strategically placed at high traffic areas should be shaken outside as they cannot be vacuumed.
  5. Before machine washing or dry cleaning, always consult the care label accompanying the rug.
  6. If the rug care label allows machine washing, always use the delicate machine setting.
  7. The rugs should be dried by laying them down rather than hanging as it tends to alter the shape of the rug.
  8. In a household where there is the presence of pets, ensure the pet hair is properly brushed of the rug. Use recommended solutions to remove stains and odor from pets.

Upon the purchase of a rug, make a note to know the materials used for the rug’s creation. Below are some care guidelines for specific types of rugs:Woven and braided rugs: Check for breaks in stitching. Check the care label for cleaning guidelines. For machine-washable rugs, they should be placed in a pillowcase to prevent damage to the rug. Gentle cycle with cool water and dry setting for tumble dry should be used. For non-machine washable, use a blanket beneath the rug before cleaning the rug, rinsing, vacuuming then drying the rug and thereafter replacing.Oriental rug: For new oriental rugs, vacuum. For antique rugs, provide special care following noted guidelines. Lay a nylon screen on the rug before you do any vacuuming. Use club soda on beverage spills for stain removal and baking soda for food spills. Professional cleaning should be done regularly and consultation should still be done for regular rug cleaning. Rotation of the rug should be done to minimize fading from sun exposure.Coir and sisal: Coir (coconut), sisal, and natural fiber are quite open allowing dirt to go through. Vacuuming should be done in such cases as water destroys such fiber. Vacuuming should be done frequently, the rug should be flipped and occasionally have the dirt beat out. Before stain removal, protect the rug, scrub the stain, rinse then dry the area with a fan or dryer.Fur and sheepskin: Use talcum powder on the rug then leave it for a while. Remove the powder.Rug Cleaning Near Me Franklin TN