Rug Repair

The type of rug you own will always determine how you will repair your rug. There are some such as oriental rugs which will just need professionals when it comes to rug repair. However, for some of the other types which should be easy to repair at home thus saving a lot of money. 

The best way to restore the beauty of your rug and make it last for a very long time is to secure the rug from normal day to day wear and tear. Maintenance of the rug at least yearly can ensure that it looks great and lasting.

Does the quality of the rug get affected during rug repair? A good and quality repair using dyed wool and a good weave will always ensure that the value of the rug is added be it new or old. However, when you repair it badly, the original look will be hindered and thus the quality of the rug will be lower. 

The following can solve your problem:

Braided Rugs

They can be easily fixed. Just remove the strand of the loose thread and employ a rounded upholstery needle to sew the braid back to its rightful place.

When a portion of the rug needs replacing, undo the rug braid then re-braid while adding appropriate lengths of material to cater for what was initially lost. Recoil the rug and sew the coil into place beginning on the bottom side.


Some types of rugs can benefit from sewing. Easily place the torn edges together and sew from the bottom while using a rounded upholstery needle and a good and strong thread. Ensure to match the rug design with the thread you are using if possible.

Using another area

If it is possible to use an area of another rug to put into the torn area when the rug is large enough, then it’s a good way to go. Always ensure that that area that you will fix the torn part isn’t visible. You can use glue to attach the area torn.

Glue the area

When there is no loss of fibers when the tear occurs, you can simply glue the rug back together. Before that, consider brushing away any loose fibers or even dust.

Put glue on one side and bring together the two parts. Try your best to make it look natural. You can use a nail brush to rub the area after the glue has dried.

Duct tape

It is a good and fast solution which you can consider using when the fibers of the rug are not damaged. You just duct tape the torn area together from the back of the rug. Also, brush away any loose fiber and dust and ensure to make the rug look as natural as possible.


Always act fast. Make the repairs when you just notice the tear and the problem will not in any way get worse. You will save your money by following the right procedure.

If the problem worsens, consider professional help like Franklin Carpet Cleaners for those in Franklin and the greater Tennessee area. We offer the best services in rug repair. 

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