Shaggy Carpet Cleaning

These rugs are beautiful and are often feature in interior design magazines. They add a lot of luxury to the rooms they are placed in and make them look elegant. Shaggy carpet cleaning, however, is a bit hectic if you do not know how to go about it. The fluffiness of the rug makes it very difficult to clean and dirt and grime get deep within the cervix of the rug and can be difficult to remove. The following tips will guide you on how to go about carpet cleaning. 1. VacuumIt is not recommended that you use the regular upright vacuum to clean your carpet as this will damage your rug. The fiber is also too thick for you to be able to remove the dirt with a regular vacuum. You should use an upholstery attachment instead and slowly vacuum your rug. You should vacuum the rug raw by raw and even vacuum the back side of the rug. You can opt to shake out your rug before vacuuming it if you want to get a fuller clean.2. Shake itYou should take your rug outside and shake it or hang it upside down and beat it with a broom so as to remove as much dust and dirt as possible. Do not leave the rug outside for too long as the UV rays from the sun can damage the rug fibers.3. ShampooIt is better to hire a professional to do this part but you can do it yourself if you are not afraid of taking the risk. All you will need is dry carpet shampoo which comes in powder form. 4. Take the rug to a professional for cleaningThis is very important as the professionals will know how to get all the dirt and stains from your shaggy carpet that you were not able to. This can be a pricey venture but it is worth it to get a clean shaggy carpet.5. PreventionThis is not a cleaning method but it is very effective when it comes to shaggy carpets. When you get stains on your shaggy carpet they can be impossible to get out. You should ensure that you keep things that stain such as wine and chocolate away from your shaggy carpet if you would wish it to stay beautiful for much longer. You can choose to make a no drinks and food policy near your rug to avoid any accidental spills. You can make a rule of not wearing shoes when walking on the shaggy rug and ensure that you clean the floor area near the carpet itself so as to prevent dust from getting to it.In conclusion, shaggy rugs are comfortable and warm to be around but they come with a lot of work attached. You can contact Franklin Carpet Cleaners which is a professional carpet cleaning company in Franklin Tennessee and benefit from their shaggy carpet cleaning services. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Shaggy Carpet Cleaning Franklin TN