Stretch Cleaning and Restoration

Whether furniture, utensils or electronics, every equipment in the house requires regular cleaning and maintenance for them to last for longer duration. Your carpet also requires being taken care of. When items in the house are too old or have not been clean and maintained properly, the will need to replace.

Replacing items will cost you an extra amount of money which may not be in your current budget. The process of replacing items especially carpet is usually exhausting.

For your carpet to stay for a longer period you will be required to perform carpet stretching and restoration. It the process which you keep your carpet properly against wrinkles on the surface. 

Advantages of stretch cleaning and restoration:

1.- Durability and longevity of the carpet is increased

When you see your carpet starting to move from the tacking strip, know that one of the reasons why it may not last for long. That the right time when you should perform carpet stretching on it and the issue will be solved. Any kind of bulges on your carpet will be removed.

Bugles make your carpet appear unattractive. Holes and tears can cause your carpet not to last long. With carpet stretching, they will be kept at bay. Carpet stretching will also make your carpet strong again.

2.- Safety

When you have loose carpet in the house it may be dangerous and can cause injury people when they fall on it.

By performing carpet stretching it will smoothen your carpet and will enable you to prevent injuries to your children, visitors, and pet. It’s better to deal with the carpet rather than injuries.

3.- Clean home environment 

Stretching the carpet will make your living space look good and neat.  To err is human. Imagine a situation where you are carrying your drink and you fall on a bulge on your carpet.

A lot of cleaning will be required for you to ensure the mess is fully catered for. If you don’t clean your carpet regularly you will also suffer from smell and stains. Performing carpet stretching after such situation will keep your carpet odorless and stainless.

4.- Increased saving

Replacing any item in the house is sometimes something which may not be in your budget. Replacing carpet for your house with a new one will require big financial commitment.

Having your carpet stretched will be of great help since it will help your carpet last longer and will prevent you from replacing it. Carpet stretching will also save you time because for you to replace your carpet a lot of time will be required on researching on the carpet.


Carpet cleaning and restoration is an amazing thing to do for your carpet to last for long. At Franklin Carpet Cleaners we have a team of skilled and experienced professionals who will not only clean your carpet but will give advice on how to use and protect your house items. We are in Franklin TN area. 

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Stretch Cleaning And Restoration Of Carpets Franklin Tennessee