The Best Carpet Cleaner

Carpets can be cleaned using various cleaning methods professionally. The carpet cleaning method used, in most cases, will be dependent on the cost of the service, the fabric of the carpet, and the dirt that is to be gotten rid of. The best carpet cleaner will in most cases make use of the cleaning methods listed below:Steam cleaning    This type of cleaning involves the use of hot water that is sprayed on the carpet under a lot of pressure so that the dirt in the carpet is loosened and removed. After the initial loosening, suction is done using a vacuum so as to get rid of dirt and moisture that is left on the carpet. The right detergent can be added whenever a thorough cleaning is the objective. The heat resulting from the hot water will rid the carpet of bacteria or microorganisms resulting in disease while the water rids the carpet of dirt that has accumulated within the carpet fibers such as dirt, hair etc. Such dirt when in high quantity in the carpet will bring about allergies and hygiene problems. Cleaning your carpet without using detergents is good because it extends the lifespan of the carpet significantly. This method cleaning will demand a drying period as the cleaning process involves the use of large quantities of water and a machine is unable to get rid of all the water that is present.Carpet shampooing agentsIt involves the use of detergent which is rubbed into the carpet fibers using a circular rotating brush. Foam is formed from this action and therefore dirt present in the carpet is both agitated and broken down. Vacuuming is done afterwards to get rid of the foam that is carrying the released dirt. This method is highly advantageous as it minimizes damage resulting during cleaning using the brush, due to the lubricating nature of the of the foam. This cleaning method is well suited for cleaning areas that receive heavy foot traffic. Chemicals used can at times cause allergies.Carpet dry cleaningThis is cleaning method that is used a number of times as it does not need drying time. Through the use of a motorized brush, cleaning powder is applied to the bottom of carpet fibers. The carpet fibers absorb the dirt present deep within the carpet where the powder has penetrated to. The dirt in the carpet is dissolved by the powder and then the mixture of dirt and cleaning combination is vacuumed afterwards. This is a cleaning method used when dealing with natural fibers such as sisal.Bonnet cleaning    This cleaning method is known to only focus on the top while not giving attention to the bottom. A brush is used to spread cleaning agents at the top then an absorbent is used to absorb the dirt. Replacement is done for the absorbent when it becomes filthy. The best carpet cleaners, such as the Franklin Carpet Cleaners in Tennessee, are known to go the extra distance in ensuring the materials used are environmentally friendly.

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