Tips for buying a Persian Rug

A Persian rug is an investment that can go ahead to provide dividends in the years to come. They are appealing and are able to last for a long time provided they are well maintained. Choosing the best to suit your taste and fit your budget can prove to be challenging.Since Persian rugs can be considered investments, the buying price may be up to 3 times the price of an ordinary rug. The quality of the rug can be estimated by looking at the weave and if the fine nature clearly displays the design.The ticket on the rug should indicate that the rug should not have less than 100 knots for every square inch in the case of a geometric design. Where floral patterns are concerned, 300 or more knots should be available per square inch. The dealer should be in a position to provide such information so that the quality of the rug can be determined.The place of manufacture also indicates the quality of the rug. Made in China is a clear indication that the rug is a fake. Quality rugs tend to be made in Iran as they are the finest and have the best quality and design. They can be expensive but they have a longer lifespan.You should be on the lookout for designs and trends on the rugs and purchase on with classic designs that never appear outdated. The traditional designs are unique while current designs have a decrease in value with the passing of time.All the rugs should have a tag that indicates the age, origin, type, size, quality, condition, retail value and the description of the design. Do a comparison in terms of prices, of the rugs you are interested in at all the dealers you know of. Know what rugs are available and which rugs you would be interested in purchasing.When starting over with the decoration of the home it is advisable that one first purchase the rug then develops the color of the room through the use of colored walls, pillows, couches and other forms of décor. This way, the room is easily aligned with the rug giving an air of consistency. It is simpler to match the furniture to the rug than vice versa.Carry with you fabric from drapes and other pieces of décor while shopping. This usually guides the dealer on what rug would prove suitable and matches with your upholstery. It should, however, be noted that dark colors have a tendency to bring the ceiling down while light colors make it seem higher. Some dealers allow one to take the rug home for testing when they are in doubt on whether the rug will suit the room.When it comes to rugs, avoid impulse purchase as they usually end up in wrong selections. Persian rugs are mostly individually unique. When purchasing a rug, ensure that the rug has the potential to last long as Persian rugs are a work of art.

Tips for buying a Persian Rug Franklin TN Rug Cleaning