Top 3 Commercial Carpet Cleaning Methods

Cleaning methods for carpets may range from steam, to dry cleaning and Bonnet method. A choice has to be carefully made when choosing the best commercial carpet cleaning method. Below is a look at the different leading commercial carpet cleaning methods and the main advantages as well as some of their low points:The dry powder methodDespite the name of the process, it is actually not completely dry. Before the powder is applied, to dampen the carpet, a chemical is usually pre-sprayed. After spraying is done, the cleaning powder is usually applied then vacuumed off the carpet. The obvious advantages of using this process are that there is little moisture used for the process and the method has proven to be effective in stain removal.The disadvantage to this process is, however, the fact that when the pre-spray is not well done and it results to complete drying, it can lead to the yellowing of the carpet. It can bring about replacement problems in the future as the powder builds up. The powder used for this method of cleaning also tends to interfere with the quality of air indoors.Steam cleaning/extraction/wet methodWith this method of carpet cleaning, a machine usually sprays cleaning solution on the carpet. Hot water tends to be used to remove the solution together with the dirt from the carpet. The main advantage of this method is the fact that the powder in the air that could have resulted from the dry powder method is not present. The disadvantages of this method are that the moisture used for the cleaning results in a lengthened period needed for drying. This further results growth of bacteria or recurring of stains due to the present moisture. Moisture usually brings about weak fiber making the lifespan of the carpet shorter.Bonnet cleaning methodThis method of cleaning is done by first spraying the carpet with a detergent solution. A machine with a pad is afterward used to run over the surface of the carpet cleaning it in circular motions. Use of this method tends to void manufacturer warranties and the exception is only made when extraction is done afterward. Bonnet cleaning still remains a cleaning method that is unsupported by many manufacturers. The only advantage to this method remains that it uses little moisture. The disadvantages of using it include losing ones’ warranty, spreading of dirt rather than its removal, it only does the surface removal of stains, dirt and chemicals are driven deep into the carpet. Traffic patterns remain packed as the machine pad has horizontal actions. A sticky residue is left due to sticky chemicals and dirt that is left especially in high traffic areas. Lack of anti-soiling causes carpet stains.These are the 3 top commercial carpet cleaning methods- now you know how they work and their respective strengths and weakness and should help in guiding you to decide which cleaning method is good for your carpet.

Top 3 Commercial Carpet Cleaning Methods Franklin TN