Top 5 Carpet Cleaning Methods

  1. Hot water extraction cleaning

It is also known as steam carpet cleaning. It is done by the use of hot water that is highly pressurized to dissolve the dirt in the carpet by agitating carpet fiber. Cleaning solutions are usually applied to the carpet by use of a brush, the solution is then left to settle for a while then the carpet is rinsed afterward and left to dry with air-conditioned temperature or in a room. An average sized carpet that is roughly 3000sq. ft. would need around 2 hours to clean and 4 hours to dry. Most professionals’ advice the carpet be cleaned in the afternoon and left to dry overnight.

  • Carpet shampooing

This method of cleaning was widely preferred before the introduction of encapsulation in the late 1900’s. It was good for cleaning highly soiled carpets but its shortcoming was that it left a lot of foam residue that would take longer to dry resulting in sticky carpets as the shampooing is not followed by a rinse. After use of this method of cleaning, the carpet would acquire dirt at an even faster rate.

  • Encapsulation

This method involves the use of synthetic detergents to crystallize and form powder when it dries. The dirt particles are held within the crystals formed and the crystals are brushed or vacuumed when completely dry. This method is proving more popular than carpet shampooing as it uses less water while cleaning and needs less drying time. There are also fewer residues from chemicals in this method of cleaning. Encapsulation displays wonderful results but is still not suitable for cleaning carpets that are highly soiled due to technological shortcomings.

  • Bonnet cleaning

This cleaning method is good for the surface as it involves the use of heavy duty motorized machine to clean the top of the carpet fiber. The machine makes use of a pad that has been immersed in a cleaning solution capable of absorbing dirt. This method is widely popular in hotels as it provides a quick fix, it can be used in high traffic areas without inconveniencing guests. Its shortcomings include the fact that it does not provide deep cleaning, making the carpets get it easily and quickly dirty. It also leads to the accumulation of dirt that is pushed into the carpet by the machine.

  • Dry carpet cleaning.

This is a method that has increased in popularity as it has good carpet cleaning performance and does not need drying time. There are many powders and compounds available for this type of cleaning. In this form of carpet cleaning, the powder is applied to the bottom of the carpet by use of a rotating counter brush machine that has been motorized. The machine allows opening of the fibers for passage of the powder, providing deep cleaning. The compound dissolves as it is a biodegradable material that imitates micro-sponges, dirt then later on removed.Manufacturers have taken to differentiation of their compounds by adjusting formulas and customizing equipment used for the process.Top 5 Carpet Cleaning Methods Franklin TN