Types of Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet cleaning methodsThere are different carpets cleaning methods employed by professional carpet cleaning companies. The cleaning method to be used depends on the cost, fabric used, nature of dirt, and environment. Outlined below are the four most common carpet cleaning services used by professional carpet cleaners:1.    Steam cleaningIn this method, hot water is shot under pressure to the carpet fabric to loosen accumulated dirt particles. Thereafter, the dirty water mixture is eliminated by suction using a powerful vacuum leaving the carpet clean and free of moisture. If the carpet is very dirty a detergent is also used for thorough cleaning. The heat ensures that dust mites and any disease-causing microorganisms in the carpet are eliminated whereas the water removes the accumulated dust, pet hair, insect fragments and other debris. These unavoidable contaminants and pollutants which accumulate over are deposited either by pets or people as they move in and out of the house and often cause allergies. The lifespan of the carpet is guaranteed as there are no detergents used. Some drying time required since the steam cleaning machine cannot suck out all the moisture from the woven fabric.2.    Carpet shampooing agentThis has been the most used method by professional cleaners. A circular rotating brush scrubs the carpet using a detergent which produces substantial foam hence the dirt which has accumulated in the woven strands of the carpet is broken up and agitated. The mixture of foam and dirt needs to be thoroughly vacuumed after generous scrubbing it is advantageous because the lubricating nature of the foam reduces the possibility of damage to the carpet fibers by the brush bristles. This method is used in areas with high traffic and a large amount of dirt. Steam cleaning is however preferred compared to this method as there are fewer chemicals used which can cause allergies.3.    Carpet dry cleaningOne major advantage of this method is it does not require drying time hence it is becoming a preferred method by professional cleaners. A carpet cleaning compound powder is applied using a motorized bush on the bottom part of the carpet. It opens up the fibers of the carpet and ensures that the powder penetrates deep into fibers and dissolves the dirt after which it is drawing up using a high powered vacuum cleaner. This method is most suitable for natural fibers such as sisal.4.    Bonnet cleaningThis method mostly cleans the top part of the carpet while the accumulated dirt at the bottom of the carpet is ignored. A cleaning agent is spread on the carpet then a motorized rotating brush with absorbent material runs over the carpet to absorb dirt. Once soiled the absorbent material is replaced with a clean one.Green cleaning and carpetsSome of the above cleaning methods use compounds which might be toxic to the environment. There are commercial eco-friendly carpet cleaners, as well as homemade solutions such as water and vinegar. Franklin Carpet Cleaning offers eco-friendly green cleaning services.

Types of Carpet Cleaning Services Franklin TN