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Houses tend to be potential ground for all sort of dirt. From dust mites, food crumbs, accumulated dead skin cells and dust carried from outside through shoes to stains from spilt liquids, there is always some sort of dirt in the house, and consequently on your furniture and upholstery. Do not worry though, as we, Franklin Carpet Cleaners, have the solution for all your upholstery cleaning Memphis, Tennessee.We provide professional cleaning services for your upholstery, ensuring that your homes are safe and clean for use by you and your family in a very short time, with the results visible for a longer time.1. ProtectionSome stains are inevitable, such as the occasional spill of a drink, or stains from a pet. Things get worse when there are children around. We are here for this purpose. Consider the option of having a protectant applied to your furniture, forming a barrier that protects them from stains. The protectant ensures the furniture has a guard against stains and repels the stains such that you can wipe it off without it adhering to the furniture. It can be used on different furniture material which is quite convenient.2. Extraction of allergensA lot of people suffer from allergies, thus allergens in the air make for an uncomfortable stay in the house. If someone in your home has allergic reactions, then you need to get rid of allergens within the house. This calls for the use of sanitizer in the cleaning of upholstery, to kill all harmful bacteria in the house and the upholstery. We will ensure your home is healthier for all who live there.3. Eliminating odorsPart of our cleaning technique includes getting rid of odors within the house. Whichever sort of odor, be it from a spilt drink, a pet’s urine or any other odor, we will make it go away. We do this by having a special deodorizer along with other cleaning agents. This deodorizer does not just cover up the bad smell, but eliminates it completely, leaving a fresh smell behind.4. Safety of materials usedYou may be worried about the use of chemicals that may be harmful not only to your upholstery but to your family’s health as well. However, we use only safe products that do not endanger you or your family or put your health at risk.Our team also uses extraction equipment to extract and get rid of the cleaning solution used, together with all dirt that has been trapped from the different areas in your house. A cleaning session by our team will leave your house cleaner and healthier than it was before.Upholstery is bound to get dirty in the house due to guests, members of the family who live there and pets as well. Get yourself upholstery cleaning services from us to have safe, healthy cleaning techniques that ensure the life of your furniture is extended. You will not get a better deal for upholstery cleaning Memphis, Tennessee.

Upholstery Cleaning Memphis Tennessee